July 19, 2023

Wood Rot Repair – The Best Way To Ensure Your Balcony is Safe

Written by Cath Dopper

Wood Rot Repair – The Best Way To Ensure Your Balcony is Safe

Balcony collapse is preventable with regular checks to ensure the structure is sound, and that there is no wood rot present. However, if left undetected, the stability of your balcony will become compromised. Once decay starts moisture is more easily absorbed into the wood speeding up the wood rot process.  This can be hard to recognise in the early stages and therefore it is wise to seek the advice of an expert builder such as Asnu provides. Asnu’s expert builders can determine the state of your balcony and do all repair work so your balcony is stable.

Because wood rot is not always easy to spot it pays to get a professional to check.  Therefore, Asnu will first inspect to see if wood rot is present in any part of your balcony or its foundation. They will then remove all timber affected by wood rot and replace with quality timber.

Leave it to Asnu to safely repair all wood rot on your balcony. With our own scaffolding equipment, we can reach any height easily and safely. We have the experience to locate all wood rot and replace the timber to reinforce the structure. Plus, our in-house painters are available to paint or stain after repair work to match the aesthetic of your home. As the scaffolding will already be in place our painters can start straight away, saving you time and money.

With decades of industry experience, Asnu has wood rot repair down to a fine art. From inspection, timber replacement, through to painting or staining, we take care of it all! You can leave everything to us, we will coordinate the whole project, so it runs smoothly and efficiently. And we try our best to fit into your timetable. Your balcony will look as good as new and be a safe area for you and your family.

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