August 16, 2023

Best Scaffolding Equipment To Keep You And Your Property Safe

Written by Cath Dopper

Best Scaffolding Equipment To Keep You And Your Property Safe

New Scaffolding Truck!

Scaffolding is an essential part of many home improvement projects. However, it can be dangerous. Scaffolding incidents account for around 16% of all fall hazards and occur at any height. Plus, accidents can be caused by tools or materials falling off scaffolding equipment. Therefore, it is best you use qualified, licensed scaffolders. Likewise, ensure that their scaffolding equipment is in good working order and up to industry standard. Keeping you, your family and property safe from accidents. Asnu Group of Trades own all their own scaffolding equipment. Including a brand new scaffolding truck. We ensure all our equipment is well maintained and kept to industry standards.

There are many scaffolding contractors around. As well as painting or carpentry companies who supply their own scaffolding. Asnu Group of Trades Pty Ltd is a total home improvement company that does supply in-house scaffolders and scaffolding equipment.

Our team include experts in building, carpentry as well as painters. All our tradespeople are qualified, licensed and experienced in their specific field. And we only use industry standard tools, materials, and equipment. These are regularly checked and maintained to ensure complete safety for workers and clients.

New Scaffolding Truck and Quality Scaffolding Equipment

We are excited to add a new scaffolding truck to our growing fleet of work vehicles. The truck is completely fitted out to securely transport scaffolding equipment anywhere in Sydney.

Many home improvement jobs take days or weeks to finish. So it is important to us that you feel comfortable during that time. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and prompt service. Plus, we maintain a safe workplace for our staff and clients.

Our extensive scaffolding equipment allows us to work safely on all job sites. Whether we are building a deck or painting the exterior of your home we provide everything. We can assemble and then maintain the scaffolding equipment for the duration of the job.

We also cater for commercial properties of all sizes. So if you are looking to revive your shop front or business interior we are the team for you.

With decades of industry experience, we can make all your home improvement dreams a reality. So, contact us and save yourself stress, time and money working with one reliable, experienced, total home improvement company.

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