August 16, 2023

Rotten Timber Repair

Written by Cath Dopper

Rotten Timber Repair

You buy a house, move in, years go by then one day you look up and see the timber attached to your home has holes in it.  Ouch… the facia is rotten and in need of timber repair.  You wonder who will fix that rotten timber when it’s 2 storeys up? That’s easy Asnu Group of Trades are the people who can help!

While your home is not likely to fall down rotten timber allows water to enter your home, and water inside the foundations of your home is never good.  Therefore all damaged rotten timber must be replaced in order to keep the water and weather out.

Asnu Group of Trades team of professional carpenters can replace all damaged and rotten timber.  From the gables finials, bargeboards, facias, veranda, pergolas and decks.  So, if you worry that your back timber deck won’t hold the weight of the whole extended family this Christmas, then we can help.  Our carpenters are skilled at repairing all types of timber decks and pergolas.  We are the best, plus we can build a brand new stunning timber deck, pergola or veranda.

Over time homes get tired.  They all need maintenance to keep them looking good and safe protected from the harsh elements.

If your home looks like its falling down around you, then contact Asnu and discuss our rotten timber repair service and how we can replace the damaged timber plus paint it so your home looks and feels as good as new.

Bargebooard Repair

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