August 16, 2023

Why Roof Flashing Repair is Necessary

Written by Cath Dopper

Why Roof Flashing Repair is Necessary

Roof flashing protects the interior of your home from water leaks. Even the smallest leak can cause damage to insulation, walls, ceilings, door and window frames as well as breeding nasty black mould. If left these can become major issues that are costly to fix. So, if your roof is getting old or starting to leak it’s imperative to get roof flashing repair done. Likewise, if you are building a new house it makes sense to get flashing done by professionals for long lasting protection against water leakage. Asnu can do all your roof flashing repair or replacement for you. We provide hassle from, prompt service plus experienced tradesmen.

There are certain parts of roofs and exterior walls that are more likely to leak and therefore require the extra protection that flashing provides. These are usually where natural water runoff is present such as roof valleys, chimneys and skylights.

Roof Flashing Repair – What Does Your Roof Need?

Temperature and humidity levels can cause a roof to contract or expand. Therefore, there is a variety of flashing materials and techniques used to protect the structure, style and different sections of your roof. Installing flashing or roof flashing repairs generally fall into the following categories.

  • Continuous flashing runs between a sloped roof and vertical wall. This is installed as one continuous piece to prevent leaks.
  • Drip edges are used under roofing felt to stop water from seeping under the roof beneath eaves and rakes.
  • Step flashing as the name suggests are individual pieces of flashing overlapped and ‘stepped’ up a vertical wall. This protects the junctions where the roof meets side walls, chimneys and in some cases skylights.
  • Valley flashing is used to where two planes of a roof meet.
  • Saddle flashing is used to cover protruding railing attachments and beams.
  • Vent pipe flashing is cone-shaped and is fitted into the shingles to cover pipes.
  • Cap flashing is an L shaped structure that is used around fittings such as windows.
  • Skylights usually have their own integral flashing. If not a combination of continuous or step flashing is used to prevent leakage.
  • Chimney flashing consists of a mixture of continuous, step and saddle to prevent leaks from all edges of the chimney.

Sydney Roof Flashing Repair Experts

Roof flashing repair and flashing installation require the knowledge and skill to ensure the correct materials and techniques are used. Asnu Group of Trades Pty Ltd have skilled tradespeople who have been fixing and building flashing for Sydney homes for many years.

We help you choose the best materials and techniques to ensure complete protection of your home from water leakage. Additionally, we offer roof cleaning and painting services. So, after roof flashing repairs why not have your roof cleaned and primed, so it looks as good Asnu!

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