August 16, 2023

Most Common Materials Used In Pergola Designs

Written by Cath Dopper

Most Common Materials Used In Pergola Designs

Pergola’s were originally timber structures without a roof. They were usually decorated with climbing plants to create a shady area. Nowadays pergolas are used to create a comfortable outdoor living area’s that provide protection from the sun and rain. Pergola designs have evolved with their popularity. Now they often have a roof, can be free-standing or attached to the house. They can be made from different materials. And they vary in size, shape, and functionality. Asnu Group of Trades can help you choose the right design and materials for your home and location. We can construct or repair and finish off with painting or staining.

When deciding what kind of pergola, you would like, think about what its function and location will be. This will help narrow down pergola designs and the best material for the project. Your budget will also affect your final decision. Some materials cost more and if you need flooring this will also influence the final cost.

There are a variety of materials used in constructing pergolas. And there is nothing to say that you can’t use a combination of one or more of them. Asnu have built pergola’s all over Sydney and can help you choose the best materials for your location and environment.


Without a doubt, timber is a timeless material that looks stunning in any backyard. It is flexible to construct with as it’s easy to cut to size and put together. Timber decking finishes off a pergola with style. Plus, it helps create a stunning, relaxing, functional outdoor living area. Once constructed you can then use stain to enhance the natural look of timber. Or you can paint to match your existing home.

However, wood will naturally be affected by the weather elements over time and will require maintenance. Timber is also less fire resistant than other materials. However, some timbers are more fire resistant than others. So, if you live in a fire risk area talk to your pergola builder. They should be able to advise the best timber for your situation. On the plus side, timber copes better with sand and salt so if you live near the beach this could be a factor.


While metal is not as popular as timber it does have its advantages. Firstly, and most importantly it is more durable and weatherproof. Galvanised or rust-free metal will not rust from rain or moisture in the air. Metal is also sturdy and fire resistant. Plus, metal does not get mould or algae which are unsightly and unhealthy

Metal is also generally cheaper than timber so can be a good alternative if you are watching your dollars. There are many different pergola designs using metal so it’s good to talk to your pergola builder for ideas.


The biggest advantage to using aluminum is that it is resistant to the natural elements. It doesn’t rust and therefore is a great alternative if you live on the coast. Aluminum is also very low maintenance. Plus, it can be painted any colour to match your home and garden.

However, aluminum is a less flexible material for pergola designs. Therefore, you will be limited in your designs compared to using other materials.


PVC or ‘polyvinyl chloride’ is plastic material that is used for varies products. Its properties make it a good option for pergolas as it is weather resistant and very low maintenance. It comes in a variety of colours including timber-like versions. It is insect and termite free as well as being fire resistant.

However, PVC, even the timber like versions lack the feel and warmth provided by timber pergolas. If not done properly they can look cheap.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone can be used to build a stunning, timeless pergola. Different combinations and variation of colours can help create a unique pergola design for your garden. They are extremely long-lasting and once constructed are easily maintained. They are also weather and fire resistant and blend in well with most homes and gardens.

The biggest disadvantage to using brick and stone is that it is very labour intensive to build and is best left to a professional pergola builder. Materials and construction mean that it can be more expensive than other materials. It will also need to be professionally sealed to protect it from moisture building up inside.

Need Help Choosing The Right Pergola Design

If you are thinking of building a pergola then Asnu Group of Trades Pty Ltd can help! We can help you choose from the many pergola designs or work on your own design. Whatever your plans are we can assist with material choice, construction, and painting. Our pergola builders have been building pergolas for Sydney homes for years. Therefore, we can also advise you on the best material for your location and budget. Each material varies in cost depending on the size, style and design, so we can provide you with a comprehensive quote for all work and materials. Plus, we can help you decide the type of timber to use if you opt for a timber style pergola.

Our in-house painters can also stain or paint your pergola when construction is completed. Why not contact one of our friendly consultants and organise a free no-obligation quote for you.

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