August 16, 2023

Factors That Affect House Painting Quotes

Written by Cath Dopper

Factors That Affect House Painting Quotes

It’s no secret that there are many benefits to painting your home. Painting the interior helps create a vibe and atmosphere, as well a clean, fresh feel. Likewise painting the exterior, improves street frontage as well as adding property value. Whether you are looking at painting the exterior or interior of your home obtaining realistic and concise house painting quotes is essential. Asnu Group of Trades pride themselves on offering comprehensive and accurate, free no-obligation quote on all painting projects.

So, you’ve made the decision to hire a professional contractor. How do you choose one from another?  A thorough quote shows that the contractor knows what they are doing. This combined with experience and a good reputation bodes well for a professional finish.

When comparing quotes keep in my mind that the lowest price is not always the best option. Look for a contractor who knows their trade and can provide an accurate quote. The quote should allow for specific factors that will affect the project.

Factors That Affect Interior House Painting Quotes

There are different ways for painting contractors to formulate their painting quote. For example, some charge by the hour or day, others by the room size and/or the number of rooms. However, there are other important factors that you should be aware of.

  • The area of the paintable surface in each room. Also the number of windows and doors. Timber doors and windows will need a special gloss or timber stain.
  • Paint choice is a big factor in cost. Gloss, low sheen and matte all have their own unique quality, suitable for different styles and finishes. They also vary in cost and number of required coats. An experienced painter will know the best paint for your surface as well as the number of coats required.
  • Using multiple colours for doors, window trimmings and skirting boards adds a nice contrast. However, multiple colours increase the preparation time and paint costs.
  • Proper preparation is essential and depends on the condition and texture of the surface. Some walls may need patching or sanding beforehand increasing prep time.
  • Any area where there has been heavy smoking or internal fire require extra cleaning due to the stain caused by smoke.
  • The duration of the job and the labour required.
  • High ceilings and decorative features need special attention. This adds to labour time and ultimately final costing.
  • The layout of the room and furniture. How it will be taken care off to ensure it is safely stored/covered throughout work.

Factors That Affect Exterior House Painting Quotes

Exterior house painting is best left to professionals. Most exterior painting jobs require ladders, speciality tools and possibly scaffolding to get to high or awkward positions.

A lot of painters base their quotes on square metres. However, be aware that two houses with the same square metres can vary greatly due to various factors. When looking at exterior house painting quotes keep in mind the below factors which could influence the overall cost.

  • As the exterior is exposed to the elements proper surface preparation is essential. This helps the paint to go on smoothly. which looks better and is more durable.
  • The number of fascia’s, windows or decorative features will also affect costings. They can be painted a separate colour if desired but either way, they are considered a separate part of the painting process as they need to be painted with a brush.
  • Access to the property.
  • The elevation of the block should be taken into consideration, a level block is usually easier and cheaper to paint.
  • Two or more storeys usually require scaffolding setup and use which extends the time needed for the job. Check if the contractor owns his own scaffolding which will be cheaper then them having to hire scaffolding and contractors to set up.
  • As with Interior painting, the cost of all paint should be included.
  • If there is any foliage or any other types of obstacles in the way, prep and painting time could take longer which will cost more.
  • Is any repair work needed before painting can begin?

Professional All-Inclusive House Painting Quotes

Asnu group of trades have decades of house painting experience. We can provide an accurate and fair house painting quotes for all house painting projects.

House washing is included in all exterior house painting projects at no extra cost.  We believe it is an essential step in the painting process. All equipment including scaffolding is owned and operated by our licensed tradespeople who can efficiently set up and use as needed.

As we are a group of trades we offer other home improvement services such as carpentry and building. Therefore, we can add extensions to your home, renovate or repair before painting.

The beauty of working with the one company is that you deal with the one consultant, who provides one quote and coordinates the whole project. This ultimately saves you time, money and the headache of dealing with multiple tradespeople.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your home a new modern look, contact us today. We offer accurate, thorough free no-obligation house painting quotes for all house painting projects.

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