August 16, 2023

Fascia Repair – Asnu Can Repair, Replace and Repaint

Written by Cath Dopper

Fascia Repair – Asnu Can Repair, Replace and Repaint

How long is it since you’ve really looked up at the roof of your house? Is it starting to look old and worn? Often the roof is still in good condition, but the fascia boards have begun to look old and weathered. Fascia repair or replacement can give your exterior a facelift, improve your street frontage and add value to your property. Asnu Group of Trades can do any fascia repair or replacement, including painting or staining.

Fascia are the part of your roof that holds the guttering and protects the edges of your roof. They are exposed to weather, including rain which causes water damage. Therefore the timber can start to rot and the paint flake off. This looks unsightly and takes away from the look and quality of your home.

When the paint starts to peel, it is just a matter of sanding back and repainting to look brand new. However, if the timber is rotting it will need to be cut away and replaced. After fascia repair or replacement, they will need to be painted to help protect them and restore the house to top condition.

As fascia’s are part of the roof, they can be difficult and dangerous to fix without the proper equipment. Scaffolding is often needed, and this can be added cost if you are hiring.

Asnu Can Do All Fascia Repair, Replacement and Repainting Work

Asnu Group of Trades Pty Ltd is a team of highly-skilled tradespeople for total home improvement solutions. Our team includes licensed and qualified, builders, carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers and more.

Each of our tradesmen are trained and experienced in their chosen trade. So you can be sure you are getting quality workmanship every time. We can repair, restore or replace fascia’s and then our team of painters can paint them.

Asnu supply all our own equipment including scaffolding as part of our service. Plus, we have a brand-new scaffolding truck full of enough scaffolding to service multiple stories. Plus, our tradesmen are qualified and trained to set up and use scaffolding to adhere to Australian standards.

Many Sydney residences are built on slopes or difficult to get to locations. These are not a problem for Asnu as we have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of topography and homes.

After repair work, the fascias will need painting. This can be done promptly while the scaffolding is still in place by the Asnu team of painters. Afterwards, we can repaint your whole exterior for a fresh modern look. Colour consultancy is available to help match your fascia’s to your existing colours or help you choose a whole new colour scheme. We also offer roof washing and painting to add that extra touch to your exterior facelift.

So give your home a facelift with a fascia repair or replacement and paint. Contact us today to talk through your fascia and roofing options.

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