You buy a house, move in, years go by then one day you look up and see the timber attached to your home has holes in it.  Ouch… the facia is rotten and in need of timber repair.  You wonder who will fix that rotten timber when it’s 2 storeys up? That’s easy Asnu Group of Trades are the people who can help!

While your home is not likely to fall down rotten timber allows water to enter your home, and water inside the foundations of your home is never good.  Therefore all damaged rotten timber must be replaced in order to keep the water and weather out.

Asnu Group of Trades team of professional carpenters can replace all damaged and rotten timber.  From the gables finials, bargeboards, facias, veranda, pergolas and decks.  So, if you worry that your back timber deck won’t hold the weight of the whole extended family this Christmas, then we can help.  Our carpenters are skilled at repairing all types of timber decks and pergolas.  We are the best, plus we can build a brand new stunning timber deck, pergola or veranda.

Over time homes get tired.  They all need maintenance to keep them looking good and safe protected from the harsh elements.

If your home looks like its falling down around you, then contact Asnu and discuss our rotten timber repair service and how we can replace the damaged timber plus paint it so your home looks and feels as good as new.

Bargebooard Repair

With Asnu Group of Trades, Ryde Public Pool was able to stay open during repairs with use of a water dam. Re-tiling in a pool full of water sounds impossible, but with a water dam you can.

ASNU repaired Sydney’s Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre by installing a water dam which held back 2000 tones of water. While the Olympic pool water was dammed they re-tiled and sealed the pool. All repairs were completed while the pool stayed open and in use.

This environmentally safe solution allowed all work to be completed without draining 2000 tones of chlorinated water from the pool. Because of the impact on the environment, it is illegal in Australia to dump 2000 tonnes of chlorinated water into our waterways. A water dam is an efficient and environmentally safe solution for pool repairs.

Best of all the main pool stayed open and in use the whole time the dam was installed and the tiling.

The drug is very good, much lighter than other neuroleptics and antidepressants.
I was taking for three months. During the first month the dosage was three pills a day, then I reduced it to two pills a day.

ASNU Group of Trades held back the tide for Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre. If you too have a need to hold back the tide. Then contact us for more information on all pool repairs.

Ryde Swimming Pool Decks Size After Final 6c

Finial repairs are not for the inexperienced. A finial is an ornamental feature which is attached to the apex of a roof. Therefore finial repairs are difficult and need specialist carpentry. Asnu Group of Trades offers licneced and skilled tradesmen who can safely and effectively repair finials or any other home improvement projects.

Finials are an attractive feature to homes. Heritage homes often have decorative finials that add charm and personality.

Finials are usually made of timber or metal. Over time exposure to the elements can make finials look worn and tired. Consequently, rotten finials can make your house look unattractive and old.

Repairing finials requires delicate handy-work. If your finials are in need of repair ASNU is your one-stop shop. With years of experience in timber gables, bargeboards and finial repairs we guarantee satisfaction.

You can trust ASNU to do the job quickly and efficiently. We strive to create work that is durable and aesthetic.

Wherever you are located in Sydney ASNU can come to you.

Are you looking to update the look of your home? Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting, bathroom or kitchen renovation or a new deck, we have the team to help you!

ASNU pride themselves on customer satisfaction and therefore ensure that all work meets or hopefully exceeds expectations.

So, if you have damaged finials, facias or bargeboards, we can help.  Our Carpenters can repair them, so they look brand new. Contact us for Your Obligation Free Quote today!

Does your yard look a little bleak and bare? Do you need a place to shelter away from the sun? Would your family benefit from a shaded, outdoor area? Then a pergola could be the answer to revamping your yard. Asnu Group of Trade can help you with every element of building or refurbishing a pergola for you. We can offer sound advice on design, and materials plus construct and paint or stain once completed.

Pergolas are an attractive and functional asset to any home. They provide a useful outdoor space for the front or backyard. Pergola’s have many uses and provide a shady, covered area for year-round use.

Pergolas are commonly used for walkways or garden seating areas. They are practical, providing protection from the sun while allowing a breeze in the heat of the summer. The use of climbing plants and vines can create a beautiful, aesthetic feature to your garden.

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to a home. They can be made using traditional timber, brick or stone.

Modern designs are made from steel aluminium, fibreglass and PVC. These modern alternatives are cheaper and reduce the upkeep that timber requires.

Popular Pergola Ideas

Australians love hanging outdoors. Hence, there is now a wide range of modern pergola designs available. The right design can add character to your yard, or an extra outdoor space for your family.

Some popular pergola ideas are:

If you are thinking about adding a pergola to your home ASNU Group of Trades Pty Ltd can help. We can offer advice on the best style of Pergola for you. Once you have decided on the style and materials you can leave the rest to us.

Whether you are looking for a natural timber look or a modern material we have the experience to complete the job to the highest of standards.

After construction, our painters will paint the pergola to match the aesthetic of your home. Crisp white or dramatic black are popular. However, we can paint it any colour you like. Natural timber stains are available for a quality finish to your timber pergola.

Pergola Repairs

If your existing pergola has old or damaged timber ASNU can fix it. We match or replace the current timber, so it looks brand new!

Our highly skilled tradesmen will replace all rotten beams and posts. Then our in-house painters will repaint or stain to match your existing timber. For ongoing maintenance, our team can stain the timber annually on request.

Wherever you are located in Sydney ASNU can come to you. Whether you are looking to refurbish or add a pergola we can help with every aspect. We offer advice on new styles, colour schemes or timber stains to match the aesthetic of your home.

We strive to achieve the best results and customer satisfaction. So, if you’re looking to enhance your garden contact us for an obligation free quote today!

Has your rotten deck become a safety issue? Are you looking at extending or renovating your home or business? A comprehensive carpentry services team such as AsNu can take care of all your carpentry jobs with ease.

The goal of any project is to construct a space that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, yet durable. This quality of work can only be achieved by working with a skilled and experienced building and carpentry team. Correct preparation and planning as well as skill guarantees quality, long lasting results.

Whether you need damaged timber replaced or are building fresh, inspections need to be carried out to establish the site is safe and termite free. AsNu can take care of all inspections for you and advise on the best way to fix any problems found.

Quality materials make all the difference to any project. Asnu only uses quality timber, paints and finishes. Our consultants will help you decide the best options for you. We also offer environmentally friendly options such as Modwood decking that doesn’t require staining.

More than Just Carpentry Services

AsNu will work with you and advise on the best way to achieve your goal. We have a team of professionals that can help you every step of the way. From colour consultancy, preparation, construction and painting we have experienced personnel to help you.

Communication is the key, so we keep you in the loop at all times. Inspections are carried out regularly to ensure quality and that the project stays on target. You decide if you are happy before we proceed. This is all part of the Asnu Communication Promise.

And we work with you to limit the interruption to your residence or business!

Investing in an extension or renovation of your home or business is a big step. Having confidence in your builders and carpenters will make the whole process easier and less stressful.

AsNu offers professional building and carpentry services for homes and businesses across Sydney, delivering quality work every time. We strive to keep our customers happy. So leave all you carpentry jobs to the AsNu professionals, contact us today for an obligation free quote.

A bargeboard is the piece of wood attached to a roof gable to hide the ends of the timber. As they are exposed to the elements, bargeboard replacement or repair is inevitable. Because of their position, it’s not an easy job for the non-experienced or those with a fear of heights! Asnu Group of Trades have experienced tradesman for all your bargeboard repairs and replacement needs. We have a large scope of tradesmen plus all the necessary equipment for safe and efficient installation.

Bargeboard replacement involves specific equipment such as scaffolding or long ladders. These can be expensive to hire and dangerous to those who have not used them before.

Also, it’s a 2-man job so unless you have a good mate who has experience in carpentry it really is easier and safer to hire professionals. Asnu’s experienced carpenters have been replacing and repairing bargeboards all over Sydney for years.

Add Character to Your Home

Bargeboard replacement is a great opportunity to add character to your home. They can be plain or decorative. There are many designs available. Some of the more popular themes include:

The colour of your bargeboard can add an extra element to the appearance of your home. Or maybe it’s time for a whole new look for the exterior of your home! If so then Asnu can provide a colour consultant to help you choose a colour scheme you will love.

Bargeboard Repairs

Have your bargeboards been damaged in a storm? Is the timber starting to rot along your roofline? Repairing your bargeboards promptly will prevent further damage and save you money.

AsNu’s carpentry team can repair rotten timber and damaged bargeboards to match your existing ones. We can paint to match, or we can repaint all your existing timbers for a fresh new look.

AsNu really is the place for all bargeboard replacement and repairs. We design, construct and paint. We value our clients and take pride in our work.

Contact us for your no obligation Free Quote today!