August 16, 2023

The Benefits of Professional Floor Sanding & Polishing

Written by Cath Dopper

The Benefits of Professional Floor Sanding & Polishing

We all like to save money where we can and often take on DIY projects for this reason. However, in the long run, some home improvements are best left to the experts. Hiring a professional floor sanding and polishing specialist such as Asnu, will save you time, money, hassle and deliver higher quality, more durable finish.

Floorboards have remained a popular choice for flooring for many reasons. They are aesthetically pleasing, plus long-lasting, compliment most furnishings, give the feeling of space and suit most styles of homes. As we live in a warm client polished floorboards are a logical choice for most Australians. They are cooler in summer and are warmer than other hard floor coverings such as tiles.

As durable as timber floorboards are, they inevitably begin to look scratched, worn and faded over time. Floor sanding or polishing will improve the look and quality and remove dents and scratches. Your home will feel cleaner and brighter as light will reflect more favorably on newly polished floorboards.

It is worth thinking about hiring a professional floor sanding and polishing expert such as Asnu Group of Trades. Especially if your boards are old and damaged or if you are looking at doing a large area. It can be a hassle moving and storing belongings and furniture while the work is being done, especially if you are doing it yourself in your spare time. DIY always takes longer than you think.

While timber floors will add value to your home, polished scratch and dent free timber will look and feel better. So, if you’re spending the money on putting in floorboards or having them polished getting them done properly is worth the money. Floorboards are long lasting and the better quality the longer they will last.

Finish Your Renovation With Polished Timber Floors

If you are thinking of extending or renovating your home or business, polished floorboards are a great way to finish off the new look! Choose the best timber and stain to compliment your new room and colour scheme. And due to their popularity and longevity, they will add value to your premises. Asnu can help you choose the best timber and stain to suit any area.

Installing timber floorboards while doing renovations is an efficient and money-saving option for home improvement.

Sydney Floor Sanding and Polishing Specialist + Total Home Improvement Solutions!

Asnu group of Trades Pty Ltd have specialist tradesmen who can do it all – renovate, repair, build, paint and floor sanding! We can provide painters, builders, carpenters, electricians and more to help with every type of renovation. We can also lay new timber floorboards for extensions or new homes. Our team of trades specialise in total home improvement solutions.

So, if you are looking at updating a room or your house Asnu can help. We can do any carpentry, timber repairs or painting as well as update your flooring. Painting a room will make the most of your new look floorboards and give your home that brand new feel. And with all our tradespeople working together under one job consultant projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Asnu services all areas of Sydney for floor sanding and polishing. We offer a wide range of contemporary timbers and timber stains for you to select from.

So contact us today and talk to one of our home improvement consultants.

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