August 16, 2023

Sydney’s Bargeboard Replacement and Repair Experts

Written by Cath Dopper

Sydney’s Bargeboard Replacement and Repair Experts

A bargeboard is the piece of wood attached to a roof gable to hide the ends of the timber. As they are exposed to the elements, bargeboard replacement or repair is inevitable. Because of their position, it’s not an easy job for the non-experienced or those with a fear of heights! Asnu Group of Trades have experienced tradesman for all your bargeboard repairs and replacement needs. We have a large scope of tradesmen plus all the necessary equipment for safe and efficient installation.

Bargeboard replacement involves specific equipment such as scaffolding or long ladders. These can be expensive to hire and dangerous to those who have not used them before.

Also, it’s a 2-man job so unless you have a good mate who has experience in carpentry it really is easier and safer to hire professionals. Asnu’s experienced carpenters have been replacing and repairing bargeboards all over Sydney for years.

Add Character to Your Home

Bargeboard replacement is a great opportunity to add character to your home. They can be plain or decorative. There are many designs available. Some of the more popular themes include:

  • Victorian
  • Gothic
  • Federation

The colour of your bargeboard can add an extra element to the appearance of your home. Or maybe it’s time for a whole new look for the exterior of your home! If so then Asnu can provide a colour consultant to help you choose a colour scheme you will love.

Bargeboard Repairs

Have your bargeboards been damaged in a storm? Is the timber starting to rot along your roofline? Repairing your bargeboards promptly will prevent further damage and save you money.

AsNu’s carpentry team can repair rotten timber and damaged bargeboards to match your existing ones. We can paint to match, or we can repaint all your existing timbers for a fresh new look.

AsNu really is the place for all bargeboard replacement and repairs. We design, construct and paint. We value our clients and take pride in our work.

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